June Gloom…

Posted: June 18, 2018 in Life


Which, I just read, is actually a southern California weather pattern thing. Which means that maybe no one else but people who’ve been in SoCal know about it. Therefore my post title is confusing.

Well, given that I’d hate for you to be confused about anything I say, allow me to clear up…which is a kinda funny way to go about telling you that its a period of time in June when the weather is cool and grey…a lot.

Now, I’m no longer located even remotely near SoCal, and I wouldn’t precisely say that its ‘cool’ out – but it is at the least currently grey out.

This was also the case last Wednesday. Gee, Kat – why are you specifically citing last Wednesday?

Because my friends, that is the day all meteorological HECK broke loose!

I was watching the weather all day because it was looking to be weird. We did have a Thunderstorm Watch going (promising). And then they posted it was over (bummer). Then I checked the radar and there was a solid line of bright red/purple badness cruising over the region (uh, what??) Interesting.

So then, it got dark. No. I mean, like…Dave and I were sitting here and we were both like, ‘Hey, its getting really dark out’. This is because the clouds were stinking BLACK. So then came a few patters of rain (ah ha, i thought – there’s the start) and WHAM. Not WHAM!, I mean WHAM. Wind. And not a pleasant, ‘oh a freshening breeze before a rainstorm’ way. Let’s put it this way – that WIND hit. HARD. And then we had trees coming down. The ‘rain’ was all just greyish, wind driven sideways water.

All of the tree fall happened within the first minute, after that is more of a normal storm. If you call nonstop rolling thunder and HAIL normal. At one point I thought, ‘If there isn’t a tornado around here somewhere, I’ll be shocked’. Turns out, there was one. A small one, admittedly, but it did hit over near Hwy 62 between Bancroft and Maynooth.



Handful of hail. Which is kinda hard to see.


Trees down in the driveway. With an unenthusiastic Dave for scale.


This one almost landed in the sawbuck. We can’t really use any of them for firewood though, they’re all live, green trees. We just chopped up the stuff and dragged the debris into the forest. Think of it as new squirrel and ground dwelling bird condos.


Please note the ample amount of maple laying on the roof.


There’s a closer view. Fixing this was a dicey. We had to put Dave with a chainsaw on a ladder to get to the broken part. It worked out safely enough.


The next day was cleanup day. On a tour of the property we found this guy down. Luckily, it didn’t land someplace important, it can just lay there. I do realize it’s hard to get dimension and scale from a small photo on a website page, but this tree was ‘quite large’. Let’s leave it at that because I didn’t have my measuring tape and I hate guessing about this stuff. THE TREE WAS REALLY BIG.


This one is actually on the neighbors property but it was (again with the guessing) over 100′ tall. It was already dead.


Here’s the driveway blocker during cleanup. You can see Dave in the background, he was on the driveway.

From the other direction, you get this :


The stump on the right there is where the tree I was standing on was previously located.
Please also note the tree that is leading away from my stump, deeper into the forest. You can just see the broken remains of its’ stump peeking out from behind the 2 fir trees that are now leaning at something of an unhappy angle.

Let’s try a different view –


A little better. Anyway, it made me think of a big game of forest dominoes. About 8k people were without power in the surrounding area. Exciting eh? The sound these things made as they came down was…impressive.

In other news,


A collection of random strange things you find when you’re doing the annual firewood harvest. Nice glass bottles, a large pulley and a … long metal thing. Yay?


We took some loads of tires up the hill to add to our stockpiling for future house-building purposes. This became something of a challenge – roll the tire off the truck and try to hit the big stack, without hitting the other tires. And suddenly I understood the possible appeal of curling. Still not gonna try that though.


We took down a couple of dead maples earlier. Maple makes lovely firewood. It would be nice if all trees everywhere stayed healthy for their (substantially lengthy) lifespans. And maybe this one was, but its core had been taken over by a bunch of industrious ants. Who were none too happy about their eviction notice. Sorry guys, I gotta live here too!


The firewood gathering is nearing completion for this year. We need about one and a half more rows. Hm, 10′ long by 6′ high? Sounds about right. It won’t take too much to finish off. Though, the forest is now fully filled out and green…and full of mosquitoes.

Added challenge, that’s all. And its warmer. How do I know it’s warmer?

Because the thermometers have stretched out into their summer positions!


Hope y’all are enjoying your summer time!